Intuition comes from the latin word “INTUERI” which roughly translates “to look inside”. It’s like an internal compass (trying to show you what’s the right direction). Learn how to access it and interpret it correctly and it will open up new paths to an amazing life.

Developing your Intuition

Developing your intuition is like developing your muscles. You must do the work to strengthen the muscle. We all have muscle like we all have intuition some of us are just more aware of this. We are all overshadowed by doubt which makes it that much harder to trust your intuition. Those doubts will lead you down a path of fear. A path of “what if’s” that aren’t currently true just possibilities because the possibilities are always endless.  What if I do, What if I don’t? I can tell you now that if you don’t even try then you’ll never know the “what if”. I guess that’s why when we know without a shadow of a doubt that something can be done we simply do it. Don’t second guess yourself, especially if you know deep down inside that it feels right.

What helps develop Intuition? Is it meditating, fasting, writing in a journal. Is it trusting your instincts more and following your heart. Meditation allows you to clear and quiet the mind. Writing in a journal is therapeutic, the saying throw it to the sea or throw it to the wind. If you had a gripe you’d write it down and then throw away the paper to “get it off your chest”. Fasting is universal amongst many different religions and cultures as it heals the mind, body and spirit and puts our mental, spiritual and physical wellness (also known as the 12 Melanin Clusters or Chakras) in alignment.

Following your Intuition

Following your intuition/heart and your dreams. Your intuition drives your dreams. You risk turning your dreams into nightmares/regrets. Part of developing awareness of intuition is to create a dream journal so you can write down your “stand out” (those you tend to remember vividly when you first wake up but soon forget) dreams. The dreams that you still remember after you wake up We don’t remember every dream and I believe there is a reason for this. I believe we remember the significant ones and the most significant ones create feelings of deja vu.

Awareness is Key to Intuition

Also Key is “awareness of self”. You must solve your problems before you can solve someone else’s. You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself. You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself. How can you believe in anyone or anything else without belief of self. Which means your net worth is not what people think your worth but what you believe your worth. You value yourself and set the levels of “respect” that you get or don’t get or abuse that you will or won’t take.

Duality of Intuition

I believe life works on balance and equilibrium or what some call dualities like the sun and the moon. I believe the duality of Intuition which is the higher self is Ego or the lower self. We must be aware of these things and keep them guarded, as necessary.

Never let someone who doesn’t know who they are, tell you who you are. It’s like taking medical advice from a mechanic or vice versa. People with no control of their own lives are quick to tell others what they need to do to get their life under control. They have all the solutions for your problems but no solutions for theirs. It’s easier for them to deal with your issues then their own. ┬áIt’s easier to look outward then it is to look inward. Like the saying it’s easy to be evil and hard to be good.

We are so used to the view of the world we have where so much is viewed outwardly. How often do we look at ourselves. Even when we look in a mirror it doesn’t mean we see ourselves. I can see you or attempt to see through you. I can look at you or I can look past you. I can choose to look past you to see myself.

There is an old story that speaks of duality called “The tale of the Two Wolves Within”

2 wolves within Intuition

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