Setting up Site Verification in WP with All-in-One SEO

In All-in-One SEO there are 3 site verifications under the general settings. Now why is verifying your site important in the first place? Here’s why. it allows for better analytics and stat tracking which can include traffic and sharing data. It doesn’t necessarily affect your site’s rank or performance. The point here is to prove or verify to Google, Bing and Pinterest that you are the owner of this site thus allowing you access to the data regarding your site.

Verify your WordPress Site in Bing, Google and Pinterest with All-in-One SEO plugin

In most cases it is complicated to verify your site when it comes to adding the meta tag to their homepage or uploading a specific file to their server but All-in-One SEO makes that a breeze. I am going to show you how to verify your site first with Google Search Console (formerly known as Google WebTools), then Bing Webmaster Tools (formerly Bing Webmaster Center) and finally Pinterest. Before we begin let’s go over what is required before getting started:

All-in-One SEO plugin for WordPress

First we must log into our WordPress website in order to access our All-in-One SEO plugin and click on General Settings.

All-in-One SEO dashboard

Scroll down to Website Verification area. You are done for now on your site side and now have to get the information needed from either Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Center and/or Pinterest.

All-in-one SEO Webmaster Verification

Verifying Google Search Console

First Add your Site or what Google Search Console calls a Property.  To begin to add your site click on the big red button that says Add a Property. Select the type of Property, whether it’s a Website or an Android App. We are going to choose Website and enter our website address. A new tab called “Recommended Methods” appears. We are going to click Alternate Methods and HTML Tag. We will receive a code like this: <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”3FeGC64AzFh47ioSWKBpXK1EdZAf-yq67gR7lxtkSG4” /> the only info we need to copy is the Bold/Underline portion and paste that under All-in-One SEO, General Settings, Webmaster Verification, Google Webmaster Tools. Click Update Options all the way at the bottom of the page. Now go back to your google page and click Verify at the bottom. You should see Congratulations you have successfully verified your ownership of . . .

Verifying Bing Webmaster Tools

Verifying your site with Bing Webmaster Center. First we log into Bing Webmaster Tools. Enter your site name and click Add.

All-in-One SEO Bing Webmaster Tools Site verification

You’ll then be taken to a page where you have to provide your URL and your sitemap which should be your URL/sitemap.xml (i.e. The area that says “When do you receive the most traffic to this site for your local time of the day” should be left at the default setting which should be All Day.

XML File

You’ll then be taken to a pagewith 3 options. We are going with Option 2. We don’t need to copy the entire text just the info after CONTENT= <meta name=”msvalidate.01″ content=”D142EF1FD3C6DDB8663B84007AC3A34E” />. . . . paste into dialog box next to “Bing Webmaster Center and click Update Options.

Webmaster Verification

Then go back to your Bing webmaster tools page and click Verify. That’s it.

CNAME record DNS

Verifying Pinterest

Verification with Pinterest is the easiest of all three.  First log-in to your Pinterest account. Click the pinhead and click MyProfile then click Edit Profile.  Next to where it says website enter your site name and click confirm site. Similar to GSC and BWC you are going to be provided with a long code but you only need a specific portion of that code as seen in the picture below. Paste that under All-in-One SEO, General Settings, Webmaster Verification, Pinterest Site Verification and then click Update Options all the way at the bottom of the page. Now go back to your Pinterest page and click Finish and that’s it.


These tools deal with Crawling, Indexing and No-Indexing. Simply put it’s how you tell Google, Bing and Pinterest what to index and what not to index when they are crawling your site. In some cases you will see Excluded Pages. For more on Crawling, Indexing and No-Indexing read more here.

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