Updating your APK, App or Game on Google Play Console

Google has tons of developer tools and products. What we need for these purposes is the Google Play Console. We are going to be updating our app from version 3.1.1gk to 3.2.1gl. We have integrated Facebook ads into the latest version of our app.

Google Play Store

Google Play Console Dashboard

So let’s start. First, log into your Google Play Console (safe to assume you have a gmail account). Once logged in you will see a list of all your apps you have submitted to Google’s appstore including published and unpublished. Find the app you need to update and click on it.

Google Play Console Dashboard

You will be taken to the dashboard for that app. In our case it’s the “What Movie is that From” Quiz game. We want to access the settings for Release Management which will allow us to manage new releases and take us to the Release Dashboard.  Once on the dashboard you click Manage Release and it will take you to the App Releases section.

Google Play Console Release Dashboard

Managing Production and App Releases

This is where you manage your app’s APKs, review release history, and rollout your app to production, alpha, or beta. Press where it says Manage Production in blue and you will be taken to the Production section where you will see a list of all your releases.

Google Play Console App Releases

Click Create Release

Google Play Console Production

Click Upload your latest APK file

New Release to Production

Drag your APK file or Browse your files to upload your APK

Upload APK

After your file is finished uploading click Save Draft

Upload New APK to Production

You should now see the latest version reflected on your dashboard

New Release to Production

Add “What’s new in this release?” for me it was “integrated Facebook Ads“. Click Save which will then grey out and become Saved. Then click Review

What's New in this Release

Start Rollout To Production

Once done, the Saved and Review buttons that were there disappear and are replaced with a blue button. The blue button says Start Rollout To Production. Click that in order to publish the APK to Google Play.

Release Rollout Percentage

That’s it, your app will update on the Google Play Appstore shortly after. If you check your release dashboard it should reflect the latest version of your app.

App Releases WMITF

Now go to the Google Play store and locate your apps page and you should see the Current Version is the latest version which is 3.2.1gl. This will take a few hours to reflect that.

App Info

Now that’s done and our app is Live. Go to the Facebook Developers account to make the ads live. If you don’t you’ll see “This app is in development mode and can only be used by app admins, developers and testers“. For the steps we took to make our Facebook ads live or public click here to read the blog post. If you need to know how to add your app to your Facebook developers account read the blog post “how to add your app to Facebook ads”. Signing up for a developers account is easy if you already have a facebook account.

App Dashboard

Thanks for reading this post and hope you find the information helpful enough to share with others. Thanks again for reading.

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