What is Google Search Console and What is it for?

What is Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service that helps you monitor and maintain your website’s online presence with Google’s search queries. You don’t have to sign up to Google Search Console for your website to be indexed and listed by Google. But you can get better results, analyze and optimize your search results and traffic if you sign up and add your Websites and Apps to Google’s services.

Why Use Search Console?

  • make sure Google can access your web content
  • submit new content or remove old content you no longer want showing up in Google search results
  • see if your mobile website is performing well for visitors searching on their mobile devices
  • help keep your site clean, monitoring and resolving malware or spam issues
  • minimize site disruption

Who is it for?

Google Search Console is for anyone with a website. Including:

App Developers can integrate their apps seamlessly

Web Developers can monitor and resolve common markup issues, such as errors in structured data

Site Administrators can monitor and resolve server errors and site load issues

SEO Specialist and internet marketers can monitor their traffic, optimize their ranking and utilize Google’s other tools like Analytics, Trends and Ad Words.

Google’s Basic Checklist – What is it?

There is a basic checklist that Google has that provides a few questions you should “Ask Yourself” about your website when adding your website to Google My Business, if you are a local business. These are great questions and include:

  • How do I get my website or app on Google
  • Is my quality valuable and/or engaging
  • Is my website mobile friendly
  • is my website secure
  • is my content quick and easy to access on all deliverables

Whether using Google Search Console for your website or your mobile app Google Search Console will notify you of any unusual events including if your site violates any of Google’s guidelines or policies.

Using Google Search Console with your Website

When your content changes on your website

  • inform/notify Google which page(s) not to crawl via your robots.txt or NOINDEX tags. I prefer utilizing the NOINDEX/NOFOLLOW tags as it’s an easier method.
  • Notify Google which pages to crawl by updating your sitemap.
  • Use Fetch as Google tool for testing and viewing purposes and tell Google just how you want your post to appear in a search result.

Using Google Search Console with your App

When your content changes on your Apps

  • Test and make sure that Google can access your pages using App Indexing Search Preview
  • Notify Google which pages to crawl by updating your sitemap or markup
  • use the Google Search Analytics Report to confirm that your site or app is getting impressions and clicks

Google Search Console Analytics Report

Understanding your Google Search Console Analytics Report

Your Search Analytics Report shows how often your website appears in Google search results. The default view on your dashboard displays your website’s click count coming from Google for the previous month. In order to change your dashboard to display different metrics, check or uncheck the corresponding box.

Clicks – click count from Google Search results that landed a visitor on your page.

Impressions similar to how much of an impression you make on a person. Did they stay long, just visit one page or click through to another link or page, which brings us to your . . .

Click Through Rate (CTR) – a combination or average of your click count and impressions. The formula is Clicks divided by impressions equals your CTR.

Position/Ranking – what position or where you rank on the Google Search results page.

Getting your App on Google Search Console for Apps

It’s important to note that your Android App must already be published on Google Play in order to add it to Google Search Console and Analytics. The process of adding your app is similar to adding your website. Simply log into your Google Search homepage

Click the Red Box that says “Add A Property”

Click the drop down box and select “Android App”

Now open a new tab and go to play.google.com and locate your apps page and copy the URL and paste it into the “Add a Property” dialog box that says “com.example.app” (you do not need the entire URL just the end portion) then click “Add”.

You’ll receive an e-mail stating that your App has been added and you should now associate it with a website if you have one. Pick your site URL and click “Associate” button.

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